Sunday, October 25, 2009

Memory Problems

Memory problems first showed up for me on my job when I had a case I needed to present to a supervisor.   This supervisor was the type of person who had no patience if you were not clear and succinct in your presentation.  In order to explain what happened with this client, I needed to recall various dates crucial to the outcome of the case.

My dilemma required a little creative problem solving and what I did turned a negative into a positive.  I created a document with a chronology of events with dates and descriptions.  There were a lot of dates to remember which almost took up a full page.  I kept one copy for myself and gave one copy to the person receiving the report.  My presentation went better than I had anticipated.  My “cheat sheet” helped me stay on track with no worries about flaws in my recall.  In fact, this technique helped those listening to follow my story better.   I left my supervisor shaking his head in appreciation.

I have used this trick with doctor’s visits.  With the assistance of these written notes, I can relate when symptoms first began and my response to treatment without having to worry about memory lapses.  By putting things in writing, I do not have to worry that the listener might miss an important point.

An unanticipated benefit is that these little brain exercises seem to be helping to train my brain to work more efficiently.  I feel I am sharper and quicker in thinking than ever before.  They say there are a lot of unused brain cells…maybe this will put a few spare ones to use.


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