Saturday, September 12, 2009

Creative Problem Solving: Getting a Heavy Object From One Surface to Another

I am presenting this problem to demonstrate that there may be alternative paths to the same end.  You just need to be creative in your problem solving.  I needed to take a ham out of the freezer to let it begin thawing for Easter dinner.  My daughter would be visiting later that day and she could put the ham in the refrigerator.  I was able to get it out of the freezer and plop it onto the counter but, unfortunately, I forgot to ask my daughter to put it in the refrigerator.  Now I had a real dilemma.

Problem: The frozen ham should not sit out on the counter for any length of time and the ham was too heavy for me to lift to a refrigerator shelf.

My solution:  To solve the problem, I created a transfer board out of a cookie sheet. I put one end of the board on my lap (I am in a wheelchair hence, the lap.) and one end on the shelf. All I needed to do was slide the ham up the cookie sheet to the shelf.

Voila! Problem solved.  Sometimes we just have to go about things in a different way to accomplish them.


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