Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trouble hearing the doorbell and renting - landlord's responsibility

One of my website visitors posted this problem:

"The new apartment I moved in, it doesn't have fire alarm and doorbell. I am deaf and called the office about it. They never experience having a deaf person living in the residence. They asked me how to find those and compare the cost for fire alarm and doorbell. Could you help me out with this?"
I contacted the National Association of the Deaf.  The following is a summary of the response I received:
"The landlords responsibility depends on (a) is the property owner (landlord) receiving ANY type of federal benefits? (Including HUD financing) or (b) if the state requires the protection. There may or may not be a state requirement for providing these inexpensive life safety devices. That information may be found by contacting your state fire marshal."
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