Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tips To Help Cope With Only One Useful Hand

I never thought of myself as single-handed but, on consideration, I guess I am. I physically have both hands but my right hand, the dominant hand, is very limited in mobility. I have multiple sclerosis with weakness and limitations on my right side. I eat and do things with my left hand with only minor, awkward assistance from my right hand.


  1. Carrying things - First, I know I will have difficulty carrying things. I do not have the second hand to help me grasp things well. With this in mind, I come prepared - a bag for loose papers, a carrier with handles or I just let someone else do the carrying. For example, junk mail significantly increases the number of papers I receive. I use a canvas bag with handles to assist me. The mailbox flag is raised and I put one handle of the bag over the flag. This step holds the bag open so I can place mail in it to carry back to the house. This little trick helps prevent my mail from being strewn all over the lawn.
  1. Prevent lifting in the kitchen - To prevent lifting, use a counter-top microwave. I keep a pie or cake pan handy and just slip things onto the pan when I take them out of the microwave. Make sure you keep items level in the transfer process.
  1. Stabilize items on which you are working - There are products to help you hold objects to prevent them from slipping when manipulated. Website Link to the product: 4.00

  1.  Make sure the weight of what you are lifting is suitable for only one hand. - Cook items in      lightweight, serving size dishes. This make them easier to handle with one hand.
Since I need to use my left hand to eat, watching me eat is not a pretty picture. I find I have more luck getting the food to my mouth if I do not have to make that turn after scooping the food on a utensil. I use a spoon that bends back on itself. You will find these utensils by clicking on the following link:


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