Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vehical Modifications

Modification to a vehicle for a physically challenged person can be expensive. Here are some possibilities that might help you defray some of the expense:

1. The Veteran’s Administration – You may qualify for 100% reimbursement for car modifications if your disability is considered service related.

2. Your state's division of vocational rehabilitation may be a resource if you need your car to stay employed.

3. Many states have federally funded assistive technology loan programs offering long-term loans for adaptive equipment.

4. Many private insurance companies cover driver rehabilitation programs.

5. Automobile manufacturer’s rebate program for new vehicles - Chrysler, Ford, Toyota and General Motors all have reimbursement programs for vehicle modification costs. This assistance can be up to $1,000 reimbursement on adaptive equipment.

6. Many groups like the Multiple Sclerosis Society offer direct assistance for those disabled by a disease related to their foundation.
Some purchases can be eligibility for tax credits for modifications. For more information the following website should be helpful:

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