Friday, September 11, 2009

Meals or Food in General

I find that the average person does not understand how difficult and tiring food preparation can be. This should be a consideration for all physically challenged people - be it from a medical condition or just normal aging.
  1. Glass can be a potential hazard if you consider the possibility of breakage. I use only non-breakable containers to freeze in, microwave in and eat from. Small containers can hold one serving size and give you sides to help scoop the food onto an eating utensil.
  1. Think ready to grab, heat (if necessary) and eat. If I have someone fix a large quantity of something, I have it stored in the freezer in individual serving containers. This way I can take my dinner out of the freezer, microwave it and eat from the same container.
  1. Try to take food preparation out, as much as possible, to make eating as simple as possible. Have someone wedge oranges and slice tomatoes. In fact, cut-up and slice as much as possible to prevent the need for someone with limited dexterity from having to use a sharp knife.
  1. Cook a pork or beef roast and cut it up. Then, freeze it in individual serving bags. This way you can take a bag out of the freezer, thaw it and then heat it. I use snack bags to place an individual meat serving in. These do not have to close they are just meant to allow me to take out a serving at a time. I place all the bags in a large freezer bag which I close.
  1. I freeze bread, bagels and English muffins to keep them fresh and take out one serving at a time. Make sure English muffins and bagels are sliced.
  1. I have difficulty closing bags that require you to line-up two tracks and press them together. My finger tips do not have good sensation and this process is frustrating to me. I have everything transferred to bags that close like a zipper. This would include any bags with “tie” closures. .
  1. Onions and green peppers freeze well. Have them chopped and frozen. In the chopped state, you can then remove the quantity you need.
  1. Another trick I use is microwave plates with covers. I found these in the grocery store. When there is a meal with multiple foods, make-up a plate with a serving of each item and freeze it. When ready to eat, just take the dish out of the freezer to thaw, remove items to be eaten cold and microwave. This would be a way for a family member to assist an elder parent. Just save a serving of each dish from a meal created for members of your household. (Make sure you use plates and covers that can be frozen and microwaved.)
 These are just a few tips but, if you have others, please share them.

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